The Best Pickleball Gifts are Kind of a Big Dill

Looking for a present for the pickleball player in your life? Unique pickleball gifts are a great way to show your sporty loved ones they’re special this holiday season. Plus, if you’re new to the sport and you’re asking, “What does a pickleball player need?” we’ve got your shortlist right here with gifts for husbands, wives, grandparents, moms, and dads who play pickleball!

Christmas gifts from Big Dill Pickleball Co.

Combo Packs Give Everything You Need

Whether you are a new player, looking for extra pickleball paddles to top up your gear stash, or are looking to up your game with a nicer paddle, we’ve got quality sets that make excellent gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or any winter holiday. 

Our combo packs make a festive present. Each 2-pack bundle includes two USAPA-Approved pickleball paddles with neoprene covers, two Relish outdoor pickleballs, and a slick green shoulder bag to carry your pickleball equipment.

Pickleball bundle combo set

The Infinity paddle bundle is made of fiberglass and features your new BFF pickle front and center, on a cool and crip background. The mascot is also holding a paddle, who’s holding a paddle, and you can think really deeply about the multitudes this contains.

The Original paddle bundle features a pickle popping out of the handle. Customers love the funny look, green ombre design, and carbon fiber face.

Stocking Stuffers for Pickleball

Pickleball balls for Christmas

You can never have too many pickleballs. Our bestselling Relish ball is an outdoor, lime-green ball that’s made for play on any court surface. An outdoor ball has 40 holes and is heavier in weight than an indoor ball. Perhaps the best gift for pickleball players is a 4-pack of balls! Pickleball balls tend to get lost and even a quality ball will eventually become misshapen or cracked from long-term usage. Stock up on pickle balls for a gift that keeps you playing, and fits wonderfully inside a Christmas stocking or gift bag. Make sure to grab some for the whole pickleball league!

Pickleball paddle covers Christmas present

If someone already has a favorite pickleball paddle or racket, help them protect their investment with a pickleball paddle cover. Our premium, neoprene cover comes in green and black. It’s stretchy and cushioned with a full zipper for easy on and off access. Each universal paddle cover measures 8.5 x 11 inches (width x height). It securely fits most pickleball paddles up to 8 1/4 inches wide that are standard shape. (Will not fit extra-long pickleball paddles). It is ideal for both edged or edgeless designs for the best, simple protection. Plus, it zips tightly shut around a handle of any width or circumference. These are great for people who store their paddles in a bag or backpack, toss them in the car, or have many paddles in one bag.

Pickleball Paddles for Beginners and Beyond

No matter the age and skill level of the pickleballer, a quality paddle (sometimes called a “pickleball racket”) is a must. We offer the Original and the Infinity pickleball paddles, which both feature fresh, fun designs for any player. While they may look like funny pickleball paddles, we take the construction and durability seriously. Our paddles are made at the same manufacturing facilities where the top brands in the world are made. But they're designed in America by our woman-led team.

Big Dill Pickleball paddles are USA Pickleball Association approved. That means they have been built to the exacting specifications of a USAPA- approved pickleball paddle. They’re rigorously tested, measured, and have passed off all the requirements. Each of our paddles is marked with the approved logo for use at sanctioned tournaments and in any pickleball league in the world. 

Shop Early!

Pickleball gear is unisex, meaning these are all great pickleball gifts for women and great pickleball gifts for men. If you prefer to shop our latest sales, you can visit our Amazon store. We’ll be having some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, so pay attention. We hope you have a happy holiday season. Stay out of the kitchen, and on the pickleball court!

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