The Big Dill Pickleball Co. Superstar Wooden Pickleball Paddle Set is Everything You Need to Play Pickleball

Big Dill Pickleball Co. recently launched the Superstar Set, a four-pack wooden paddle set that includes a carry bag and four outdoor pickle balls. The set is durable, fun, and great for anyone on the go looking to play pickleball whenever they have a chance (and hopefully there are frequent chances!) 

pickleball paddles and pickleball balls

Why use a wooden pickleball paddle?

Are wooden paddles good for pickleball? That depends. Wood pickleball paddles are the budget-friendly paddles, and they’re also the original paddles used to play the sport of pickleball. However, as the sport has developed and grown, so have paddle technology and players’ preferences. While our Superstar paddles meet the size and measurement requirements for pickleball standards, most higher-level players don’t play with wooden paddles. Professional-level pickleball paddles prefer something lighter weight and with materials used for core and surfaces to be more responsive and purpose-driven. 

Why make a wood pickleball paddle set?

Because so many beginners and families are getting into pickleball, we wanted to make an entry-level set that was economical and able to compete with all the basic sets out there on Amazon, Walmart, and in your local sporting goods stores. Not everyone can invest in an expensive, top-of-the-line USA Pickleball approved paddle right when they first start out in the sport. But of course, it’s ideal to have your own pickleball gear! One thing’s for sure: Nothing else has a rainbow or pickle on it!

The Superstar paddle is great for beginners, kids, teens, large groups, YMCA and community classes, backyard courts, neighborhood play, and more. Some families like to throw an extra set in the car for vacation, summer homes, campgrounds, etc.

pickleball paddle set on pickleball court

Like the look? Us, too!

Pickleball was invented in the 1960s in the Seattle suburbs, so these classic, retro-designed wooden pickleball rackets are a testament to the sport's backyard-game origins. Plus, they're pickle-themed, making them fun for picklers of all ages. 

Big Dill Pickleball wooden paddles for pickleball

The Superstar paddles feature a 7-ply wood construction made of sturdy basswood with an edgeless pickleball paddle style. Each high-quality pickleball racket has a tennis-shaped handle with a perforated cushion comfort and ergonomic, moisture-wicking grip tape to enhance your game. Each paddle weighs just 8.8 ounces and measures 7.5" wide x 15.5" long x 3/8" thick with a handle that is 5" long and a 4.5" grip circumference and includes a wrist strap.

What’s included in a pickleball set?

  • 4x Superstar pickleball paddles
  • 4x Relish outdoor pickleball balls
  • One black, drawstring bag

Each set comes with 4 pickleball paddles, which is enough for a game of doubles anywhere, anytime. Each set includes four Relish outdoor pickleballs. Finally, bundle it all up with our easy-to-carry bag. The included drawstring logo bag is great for carrying everything this set includes. Pack it all in your car, garage, storage area, or carry it over your shoulder. The tidy drawstring bag secures everything in the set and makes it easy to transport. 

The set offers everything you need to start playing pickleball. It’s great for beginners, families, and anyone looking for an extra set for their pickleball court. It makes a great gift if you know someone who lives near a court.

Get ready for spring and summer play with the Big Dill Pickleball Superstar Set!

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