Top 13 Reasons While Pickleball Rocks

What is pickleball and why is it so popular? For the 13th, we're breaking out 13 reasons why pickleball rocks. 

Fun facts about pickleball

1) It's always evolving. From changing rules to new paddle designs and types, it's on the cutting edge of sports!

2) It's fun for all ages. We play with kids and seniors, and we wouldn't say no to a game with Ben Johns, either.

3) It can be played indoors or outdoors... And there are more courts and places to play going up daily!

4) It's roughly one-fourth the size of a tennis court, so even if you're not super athletic, it can be a great way to workout!

5) It has the word "pickle" in the title. Plus, lots of other ridiculous words, like "kitchen," "dink," and "picklers."

6)  Pickleball is played by 4.8 million people in the US, an increase of almost 40% over the past two years.
7) It was invented in Bainbridge Island in 1965. This is a small suburb of Seattle (our founder's hometown!)
8) It has lots of famous fans. Pickleball lovers include Leonardo DiCaprio, Bill Gates, Ellen DeGeneres, Larry David, and probably your grandma.
9) It's an inclusive sport, with options for wheelchair and standing participants, men, women, kids, and all ages. Plus, you can play doubles or singles. But we all know doubles is where it's at!
10) Lose badly, and you're pickled. If you get shut-out, it's known as being "pickled." Get out the vinegar!
11) It's becoming a worldwide sport. At Big Dill Pickleball Co., we've had orders from all 50 states and Canada. Next stop, Olympics!?
12) It's taught in schools. Many schools now have learn-to-play programs in PE. And this is actually nothing new. Our founder grew up playing at school in the 1990s. 
13) It's a social sport. Lots of people play to make friends, and there's no better way to do that than with an eye-catching paddle that gets people talking!

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